Your Program includes all of this: Divine Path of Motherhood PLUS Bonuses

Start right away with Energetic Alignment for Motherhood! Program members will be invited to recording sessions of our new kids album, and will have the opportunity to suggest topics they would love for their children.

Our Private Community

Several regularly scheduled live sessions throughout the week for new live content, time to be together and journal (co-working), and time to do meditations together. These times are weekday mornings, evenings and weekends throughout the week to suit many time zones. We have a private Whatsapp group as well as an online community. Plenty of opportunities to connect, receive support, and be together.

Your program and weekly intentions

Ongoing support for your intentions throughout the program. Our work is about you, your children incarnate and in the realms of light, and it is much, much bigger than us.

Have you ever been in an energy session with Alaya?

Have you ever participated in a Full Moon Flow, an NRG session, or a group clinic?

If you have, you know how incredibly potent they are. 

Imagine being in that energy for a sustained period of time.

It won't be that intense all the time, of course. But you will be held in the light of the Divine Mother, in the light of your own soul and Divine Self, your own guides, and your baby beings, your children will be as well. 

Being held in this stable vortex of energy is so much of what this program is about.  There is something happening in Human Evolution, you can feel it. You know it. You can join the highest flows and actively, consciously join and contribute to how this plays out in our shared human experience. 

Yes, this program is also about what you will learn, and our human connection.  

It's also about the  life-long soul friendships you may forge with the others in this group, and the ways you will be supported through the highs and lows of your motherhood journey. 

When you attend a group or a class with Alaya, you can feel it.  People call it "the Alaya filter." The people who are drawn to these programs and courses are kind, pure,  real and loving. They are committed. They show up.

 They are here for themselves, and here for their World Service, for their vision for humanity, for mothering, for the children. They are here for you, too. 

Our visions resonate, are harmonics. 

Being together enhances the individual and the whole.

We are more powerful together.

And as you are opening to receive, expanding and embodying your own beautiful Self, as you are discovering how the Divine Mother expresses and embodies through your life, your World Service, your role as a mother or expressed through some other avenue such as being a healer or leader in your community--this energy support is the not-so-secret ingredient where so much of the magic happens. 

Alaya and the mama birds will be reading your intentions and energizing them each week. Alaya will be transmitting to your highest and best in connection with your own Divine Self, your babies and children and their Divine Selves and all of this in accordance with your Divine Plan, and the beauty and becoming for All of life, for the evolution of our species, and to birth new ways of procreating and parenting as we evolve personally and as a group. 

This program will serve you personally, will assist your children to incarnate as their true Selves, free and unencumbered, will be an ever present support. 

2017 Participant Interview - Bryony in Canada

Where were you in your process, what was going on when you signed up for Your Divine Path of Motherhood with Alaya? How were you feeling? 


I was deeply anxious to start a family and after 3 years of trying, I was starting to doubt my intuition of certainty around having a family.


Since I was a young adult, I knew that part of my purpose is to be a mother and I began to wonder if this was either all in my head or perhaps my current way of life needed an overhaul to make way for a family.


I am very sensitive to chemicals or changes in hormones so the option for IVF has never felt right for me. The anxiety compounded when I was starting to consider this method as feasible. I knew that I needed guidance and joined the course without really understanding what co-creation meant for me.


What challenged you? What did you have to face or overcome?         


Trusting my own light experiences and trusting my intuition was a challenge for me. How do you distinguish between imagination and visualization to receive and embed the lesson?


Furthermore, healing past and present relationships where I had unconscious and unresolved issues that had to be cleared - I believe this was an important step for me to transition into the role of Mother..

How are you now? What’s changed?

I am more at peace with the knowledge that I will have a family in perfect divine timing.


The ability to foster a relationship with both my baby beings and my guides has opened new doors of opportunity for me. I am finding things out about myself, my purpose and I am eager to explore and learn more about how I can consciously co-create in all aspects of my life.


How would you describe the connection you feel to your baby now compared to before the course?           


At the beginning of the course, I had a connection with a large energetic baby being who, when called on, was always placed lying on my chest. During the third week of the course, I shared my co-creation intentions with this baby being and sadly, he departed. It was evident that his purpose and my purpose were not aligned and he moved on.


Subsequently, he has been replaced by 2 new baby beings. One with a strong energetic female tone and another with a gentle male tone. I regularly feel them with me and enjoy making connections and sharing my hopes and dreams with them.

How would you describe how the course shaped the connection you feel with yourself and with motherhood?   


It was extremely powerful course and I am so humbled by the lessons.


To be able to acknowledge that I can co-create my family in alignment with the Divine Mother is extremely liberating and empowering. This process of co-creation is so much more powerful where my choice is fundamental throughout the process.


Furthermore, requesting guidance and support from the Divine Mother during the process of creating my family is very comforting. The knowledge that there is this Source that I can connect with helps reduce my feelings of anxiety and mistrust.

What surprised you about the course?    


1- The energetic shifts were powerful, so much that at times I would physically feel nauseous. This was temporary and eased shortly after the journey was finished.


2- I was surprised that I was able to meditate for long periods of time reconfirming the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for me.


3- Despite the course being compounded into 9 weeks, during this time I was able to achieve so much in my earthly life. I was able to complete an MBA module, deliver a large software programme with amazing success and attend 90% of the scheduled journeys and Q&A sessions.


What was your favorite part?   


I thoroughly enjoyed the journeys to the point that I actually craved the journeys every night.


I would have liked to have been more diligent with my journaling - to capture the messages, thoughts and learning into text was a very powerful way to integrate and I felt that when I did take the time to journal the shift was easier.


Is there anything you would you change about the course?       


Nothing - I think it was perfect!


What would you say to a friend considering this course? Knowing what you know now, what might you have said to yourself, to help you know if it was right for you?


I have already shared your details with two of my friends and they are looking forward to your next course.


I explained that this course is an opportunity to explore your own path to Motherhood that allows you to harness the concept of co-creating your own family. In addition, the course empowers you to examine those requirements for Motherhood that are negotiable and those that are non-negotiable.


This is a very progressive approach to conception that is firmly grounded in the concept that you are the decision maker as mother and that your choice is fundamental to this co-creation process.


Anything else you want me to know? 


Thank you so very much for the opportunity to join the course! I am so very grateful for all the lessons and blessings.


May I use your name and location (e.g., Mary, Los Angeles) with your words?       


Danay and Ananda

Once I met Alaya and learned what she did I was immediately intrigued and knew I wanted to work with her.

My husband and I had been trying for children for awhile. I had had several miscarriages and was open to learning how to connect with the beautiful soul of a child that I knew was waiting for us to get ready for her!

Working with Alaya helped me to stay steady with my own inner knowing about becoming a mom.

Alaya's connection with me and the guides laid the groundwork for meeting our daughter before she was even here.

It was all so magical and so real. Working with Alaya helped me to expand my heart, my energy, and my life for my daughter. I am so grateful for the space she provided to allow that to happen.

Also included: Private Vibrational Child Clinics.

Remote energy work in support of your unique and Divine Path of Motherhood

At this time Vibrational Child Clinics will be solely for this committed group. 

Alaya and the mama birds provide weekly energy sessions for this group and will be referring to the intentions shared in the private community.

Alaya will be transmitting in an ongoing way to your intentions throughout the program.

Once a 

Enrollment is Open! We have begun and it's not too late to join us.

Get started now

Sara and Willow

I knew I needed to work with Alaya even before I was pregnant. I had a sense that my kid had A LOT of energy and perhaps that meant I needed help expanding to be her mom.

I got to meet her as a baby spirit with the help of Alaya and the guides and it was incredible to get a sense of who she was before I met her in person and be introduced before I was even pregnant!

I think about her strong personality before she was born and how she’s so much the same now. It’s such a gift to know her like no one else, besides Alaya  does. I can parent her in a complete way that may really help her someday.

But to back track a bit, I was very physically sick during most of my pregnancy and while there was a piece of that which was purely biological, I also knew that my body was reacting to the new energetic component of connecting with our baby’s big energy.

I worked with Alaya every 5-6 weeks for months to help my systems integrate and expand to hold my pregnancy. I could not have navigated pregnancy without her.

I’m so grateful for the help her and her guides provided for me and my family.

During this program...

Our Time Together:

There is more in this program than you are likely to digest the first time through. You'll navigate your way through all of the offerings, choosing what is right for you.

  • Weekly content released as you move through our 12 weeks together. Take a look at the curriculum for Your Divine Path of Motherhood

  • Live sessions tailored to your particular phase on your journey of motherhood.

  • Private community group to connect and share with others in the program.

  • Hour long get togethers to listen to the journeys and journal together

  • Two energy bodywork sessions "Vibrational Child Clinics" (Like the Human Clinics or Full Moon Flow Sessions) just for this group. These will not be public.

  • A steady tone and powerful space of Divine Mother energy, supporting you the moment you sign up through to the final day. We call this a vortex. It may be palpable for you.

  • Get together with your children to record meditations for the kids album.

Emily, Rohit and Om

I 'found' Alaya when I was desperately searching for some support or meditations to help with my 'fear of motherhood.' I bought some of her meditations, listened for a while, and then forgot about it all. 2 years later, an email from Alaya popped into my account, saying 'would you like to talk?'

My husband and I had just been through 3 years of IVF hell, and at the age of 43 I thought we had come to the end of the road. As a deeply spiritual person, I immediately connected with Alaya and just knew that something deep was 'blocking' my ability to conceive.

I signed up for 3 sessions and after the second session (literally 2 days later) we conceived. Our little boy, Om, was born during the pandemic and has been a joy - we are so grateful for Alaya helping bring this miracle into our lives!

Alaya has helped me navigate my role as mother to a special 'rainbow child' who has unique needs, and also helped Om during difficult periods.

She has also worked with my husband to expand, overcome challenges and realise goals. Now I am almost 46, and we have been hoping to further grow our family.

Thanks to Alaya, we came to know that 2 baby beings are in our space - hoping to come into our family together. This was a surprise, and one that we happily embraced. We have applied for adoption here in India (something I feel very passionate about) and this process is progressing nicely, and we also hope to conceive again - either naturally or via our last chance with IVF.

It is reassuring to know that Alaya and her wonderful gifts/resources are there to support us on our journey of conscious parenthood - and we are excited for everything that the future holds for us and our family.

A message from Erin!

Erin is now a mom,

and a graduate of A Clear Path to Motherhood in 2017

Edie and Oliver

I never thought I would find myself having a baby on my own!

It definitely was not the idea I had for my life; but what a sweet happy surprise to find my life now on the other side of it!!

It was an up hill battle, the hardest thing I have ever done. With being single, and all the fertility doctors telling me I had little to no chance of ever having a baby, the increasing financial burden of each IVF and miscarriages, I was often on the floor feeling alone and hopeless.

Without Alaya I am not sure I would have the greatest blessing of my life, my Oliver. She calmed me down and reassured me that he was indeed on his way.

And, his very big unique personality is so much how she described. I am forever grateful and blessed to have found her. She is a blessing to every mom to be out there.

This is a deep program.

You will develop your potential and you will be changed.

2017 Participant Interview - Allison

What was your favorite part?

I loved the energy from the journeys as they made me feel relaxed. I also loved how much knowledge Alaya shared about energetically how things worked and I loved learning and experiencing the lineage and past life journeys, just because I was very curious about these things

I also loved some of the imagery and energetic spaces from some of the journeys and these will stay with me for a long time to come as safe places for me to enjoy.

I also enjoyed how the group engaged and gave support and advice.

What would you say to a friend considering this course? Knowing what you know now, what might you have said to yourself, to help you know if it was right for you??

Although this might seem like a significant expense to spend, it is worth so much more than this cost. 

If I weigh up the cost of this relative to IVF, it is much cheaper and may be all you need to fall pregnant. 

In addition you get so many additional bonuses such as resolving grief, learning forgiveness and dealing with many past life and current life issues.


Alaya will be answering questions in the program, as will the Mama Birds and others in our incredible one room schoolhouse of Mothering Wisdom.

Heres a question that just came in on September 22, 2022 about this program...

Q. I want to have kids but not in the next few years, is it appropriate to do the course? Will this course serve me now?

A. If you feel drawn to this course, then YES. 

Most likely, Yes. In my experience, the babies in the realms of light bring their parents to me. And I trust who shows up. 

It sometimes takes a few years to acclimate. You’ll be so so far ahead of the game. You'll know your child or children as energy. All the moms who come through Vibrational Child say that their kids are exactly how they knew them as energy. They get to know their child in a way that is so special--as their who-they-really-are energy. 

The way the baby spirits show up in the energy, there is personality, distinct energies and traits, rhythms we can discern and get to know well. 

We can often get clues as to their purpose, if not great clarity about this. So that when you do become a parent, regardless of if they come through your body or adoption or surrogacy, you know them and are able to parent them with so much understanding of who they are at core.

You can start preparing your body according to your own guidance, and learn to trust your body and your guidance. 

You will have a group of  women in this program who can act as mentors and guides, you can attract an ideal partner to parent this child, if you don’t have one already, find all the optimal care providers, etc. 

Sometimes there is a lot of past life clearing, or ancestral clearing that needs to happen and that can take years. For some people it is fast, and for others it can be many years. Every person is unique, as is every child. That is why this program is called Your Divine Path of Motherhood. It's universal, but also unique to you.

If you have the luxury of time, you will be so glad. If you are coming to this after years of trying and feeling under the gun, it can be amazing also for you. And if you have more time, consider that your timing is aligned. We don't always know why. We simply begin when it's our time to begin.

The one thing I will say is that many of the women in the program are well into their journey. And so you may not always understand or relate to their particular spot. But if you are open minded, if you are prepared to hear their stories and support them where they are, if you want to learn, and are feeling drawn...see if you get a yes! 

Try the Is this right for me exercise.

What have other's experienced?

“Dear Alaya Thank you very much for this course. I love it so much. It is such an incredible blessing to listen to the meditations and to be a part of the whole course setting. I am completely happy. Cordially and blessings TJ”

TJ, Germany

“I just wanted to say how helpful this class was for me, and what an amazing resource you are to have! I feel like you have supported me to gain confidence in this process, as well as work through some blocks and deeper healing. I know the work is never done, and this is only the beginning for me and my child, and I am glad to be creating a deeper consciousness.”

E, US Rhode Island

“I feel a real connection with the other women in this group that is quite special.This is really by far the most interesting worthwhile course I've ever done. I was certainly blown away by what you said about the ghost babies. I'm in love with this baby soul..I seem to be getting away from fear, past and going more into Love and feeling how cool it is to have this relationship with baby. My mother would have started loving me from the moment I was born.. I can't imagine the difference this will make for a baby being loved even before conception and throughout the gestation period (they say the most important period in a persons life). Looking forward to tonight, Bless you. ”

J, France

“Thank you soooooooooooooo much for today's 1:1. It was fantastic. Gave me new perspectives on purpose and really really strong grounding on baby ..... the journey was so much fun.... I had all this joy bubbling up inside and was laughing my head off. 😁. And it was so reassuring to know HE is very real and energetically embedded and on the way. I didn't like the name I got though... but c'est la vie....minor minor details in the schematic of incoming life and joy and expansion. Thanks again!! Bless you for your gifts... and being a crystal clear channel to receive it. ”

J, Jamaica

Did you know?

We are celebrating the 5-year anniversary of A Clear Path to Motherhood

This course was originally conceived and offered in 2017 as A Clear Path to Motherhood. We are celebrating the 5-year anniversary!

A group of us got together for four sessions and had the most wonderful time. We got to meet the tiny humans that came through you during these last five years, some having been conceived through Vibrational Child courses and private sessions.

We got to reconnect, to hear stories, to create a new community of new moms and those who would love to create a family.

This course is the evolution of that initial course and program and is being offered LIVE with Alaya, while she fleshes out this next level and layer of Vibrational Child world.

If you haven't participated in a course birthing yet, it is special. You will form close bonds with Alaya and the others who join. You will be adding your vision for parenting and birthing to the work we do together.

In 2022 this course is being taught live with Alaya.

Alaya has offered a small group of dedicated students who have studied with her for years to train to be mentors who may be empowered to offer this program in the future.

It is unclear at this time when or if Alaya will offer this course live again in the future, or if it will solely be offered as self-study or by her trained and approved mentors.

Are you ready?

It's going to be a deep dive.

Pay in full or choose a payment plan

Either way, you can get started with Energetic Alignment for Motherhood as soon as you sign up.

Course Creator

In partnership with many souls, Masters and Guides in the realms of light.

Alaya Barnes

Master Healer and Teacher, School Creator and Director

Alaya is an energy engineer, leader, healer and teacher. She began working with clients offering private channeling and energy bodywork healing sessions in San Francisco, CA in 1998. She began teaching groups in 2000.

Since then, she has taught others to channel their guides, to heal, to access past life aspects, to build consciousness and create their life’s work. Many have gone on to create their own practices serving clients as channels, mediums and way showers.

She has helped women all over the world create their families and find their unique path to motherhood, sometimes overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. Now you may meet some of these women and their little ones in classes. We welcome the little ones.

From 2000-2014 she taught Awakening Your Light Body. She has led groups focusing on their own purpose as well as collective world service from 2001-2019. She has taught 8 day immersive energy bodywork trainings and year long programs helping people heal, embody and move forward with their unique Divine Mission.

In 2009 a group of baby beings got her attention and asked for her help so that they could incarnate as their fullest selves, not having to close off any circuitry or compromise their mental, emotional or physical bodies in order to be born safely. She currently works with women and couples who are welcoming these children consciously, who are learning to embody their own Divine Self consciousness so that they are a match for these kids. Alaya birthed this work as in 2009.

She now offers group programs for students around the world, helping each individual with their unique and beautiful journey of becoming. She is the author and creator of Divine Mission, PRIESTESS, Interdimensional Activism, The Human Program, Your Personal Project, Happy Human Creator Series, Healing Hands Program, and A Clear Path to Motherhood, Foundations for Motherhood, Energetic Alignment for Motherhood, and the evolution of A Clear Path to Motherhood now offered in 2022, called Your Divine Path of Motherhood.

Mama Birds

Carin, Erin and Natalie

Alaya's Advanced Students

With you in the program and studying to be Mentors.

They will be with you on your journey, easing your way.

In memorium. Our Divine Grandmother, embodied.

In loving memory of our beloved Nancy. Her shining spirit joins us in this program as the Divine Feminine, the Divine Grandmother, as pure Love.

Dear Nancy,

We miss your face, your presence, your smile and your laugh.

We treasure your contribution to our lives, your wisdom, for holding space with us as we grew, loved and learned together in our precious years together.

And we feel you with us as we take our next steps. Indeed, embarking on new adventures together, soaring and serving together.

I love you now and always.


Is this right for me?

Connect with your own intuition, knowing, and guidance...

Is this right for you?

The best way to know if this is for you is to find a quiet place or moment to sit, close your eyes, and ask your higher self. 

For example,


“I ask to be connected to my higher self.




I ask to be connected to my soul.




I ask to be connected as my divine self.




Is this right for me?”


(wait. listen. feel. sense).


Notice how your body feels.

Maybe you’ll hear a still quiet voice say yes or no. 

Maybe you’ll have an emotional feeling that feels uplifting and opening, or sense something more closed. 

Maybe you’ll see something with your third eye, or notice the light in the room shifting in some way. 

Be patient. Give it a little time to settle. If you still aren’t sure, ask for more clarity.


“Please help me to be clear if this is right for me. 

Please show me in three different ways that are kind to myself and others whether or not this is in alignment for me at this time. 

Thank you.”


Join our community.

Join this adventure.

Don't put it off.

For some people, it takes a few years to prepare for these bright, expansive beings to come into their lives.

It has been 5 years since Alaya offered this powerful program live. 

Do not assume or think, "Oh I'll do this next year."

It is possible you will be able to do this as self-study next year.

It is possible that you will have the opportunity to work with a live facilitator or teacher--one of Alaya's students-- and join a live group sometime in the next couple of years. 

In this moment in time, there are no plans to offer this as a live program with Alaya in the future. We are birthing the next evolution of this program at this time, and you can be a part of that right now.

Sign up now

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