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    1. Welcome!

    2. Course Agreements - Creating Our Sacred Container

    3. Introduce yourself

    4. Work with your babies and your own greater consciousness and guides as you go through this course.

    5. How to get the most from this course.

    6. How to work with your journeys. Read and audio message from Alaya.

    7. How to work with your journeys - Video

    1. Let's get started!

    2. Set up your session

    3. Begin your session - sample plan

    1. Ready to get started?

    2. Week 1 - BONUSES! Recorded LIVE ~ Temple of Goddesses and Mothering Welcome and Settling in & Song of Your Family and the Rainbow Body

    3. Song of Your Family and the Rainbow Body - stream and share experiences

    4. Temple of Goddesses and Mothering Welcome and Settling In - stream and share experiences

    5. Week 2

    6. Connect with Child, Exchanging Gifts - stream and share experiences

    7. Purity and Reclamation - stream and share experiences

    8. Week 3

    9. Week 4

    10. Week 5

    11. Week 6

    12. Week 7

    13. Week 8

    14. Week 9

    15. Week 10

    16. Week 11

    17. Week 12

    18. Week 13

    19. Week 14

    20. Week 15

    21. Week 16

    22. Week 17

    23. Week 18

    1. Connect with My Baby Album Overview

    2. 1-01 Connected and Ready

    3. 1-02 Mitochondria Upgrade

    4. 2-01 Strengths, Hopes, Needs

    5. 2-02 The Beauty and The Mess (I Am Ready)

    6. 3-01 Connect with Child, Exchanging Gifts

    7. 3-02 Invitation to Embody - Connections

    8. Connect with My Baby Album .ZIP

    1. Energetic Alignment for Motherhood Bonus Tracks

    2. 01 Song of Your Family and the Rainbow Body

    3. 02 Temple of Goddesses and Mothering Welcome and Settling In

    1. 1-01 Blend with My Soul and Baby

    2. 1-02 Purpose and Divine Mothering

    3. 1-03 Perspectives and Plans

    4. 1-04 Purity and Reclamation

    5. 1-05 Dynamic Exchange Spanning Dimensions

    6. 2-01 Meeting in the Body of the Earth

    7. 2-02 Future Self - Gifts and Guidance

    8. 2-03 Temple of Soul Qualities

    9. 3-01 Soul Love Embodied

    10. 3-02 Preparing to Receive_ Mother and Child

    11. 4-01 Optimal Environment

    12. 5-01 Connect with the Soul of Your Child

    13. 5-02 Acclimating To Your Baby's Energy Signature Meditation

    14. 5-03 Preparing Your Body_ Clearing Your Ovaries, Womb and more_ Meditation

    15. 5-04 Opening to Evolution_ Centering Meditation

    16. 5-05 Opening to Evolution_ Releasing Ancestral Karma

    17. Preparation for Motherhood .zip

About this course

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  • 64 lessons
  • 30 hours of video content

Pro-creation is a Co-creation.

Develop your connection with the souls you are here to co-create a family with. Your partner, your children. Regardless of your Divine Plan, it is just that, Divine, Unique, Yours.

What have other's experienced?

“The singing /toning in the beginning generated clarity for me. I received a very clear image: Me sitting in my nest or pod with my family and like I had a large, wide spread out skirt, there were other "family pods" resting on it and we were all connected. It felt really good and important to connect to other families and think about co-creating together.”

Who wrote this? Go here to discover:

“I felt ease and light spreading through my entire body. I loved the experience of the community. Individuals coming together from different molds, different paths, different songs and all belonging and contributing. So beautiful.”


“Its been shared by others what a gift this is to have a space like this to come when we need and I'm really feeling that now. Getting to be nurtured by beings who are joyful in their sisterhood and mothering skills, connected to those who come with us, before us and after us, invited to step into our roles here and nurture others with our solid connection and love. Loving this gift. Feeling safe, seen, held, supported. Surrounded by sister friends who have my back and I have theirs. ”

US Northern California

“Baby being is in between us, exploring in reverence and wonder our eyelashes, skin, dips and holes from our faces, our nails.”


“I’d been feeling pretty down for the past few days. Stuck and sad. I did some journaling and asked for guidance about what was next for me. And then the idea to revisit this journey came to mind. So I put it on, sitting up in a chair and relaxing into the experience. I did track the words this time and I think that was helpful because my monkey mind was needing something tangible to hold onto. And then as the journey progressed I found I was able to let go more and more and move and sway into the imagery and feelings. What was so powerful for me was the exploration of patterns as I’m aware of my tendency to spiral with negative thinking - and I felt that there was some insight about having learned the pattern of needing to stay small and not make others uncomfortable in order to be accepted and safe as a child. And that in a way my sadness was connected to not embracing/embodying my true self. I felt the message “ You are so much more than your sadness. You are so much more than the pain you feel.” Come through and the comfort that it brought was so powerful.”


“My guides helped ease my fears and body tension. They reminded me what is happening is in the highest good of all. Their encouragement was to allow my voice to be heard to help further the evolution of all mankind. I can do this and by doing so will be that much more able to provide this kind of encouragement and guidance to my children when something scary and painful happens to them. I feel a sense of renewed strength through this meditation. Thank you :)”

US Southern California

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You can explore more of what others have shared about the meditations and their experiences with this material.  Click here to read more. 

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Course Creator

In partnership with many souls, Masters and Guides in the realms of light.

Alaya Barnes

Master Healer and Teacher, School Creator and Director

Alaya is an energy engineer, leader, healer and teacher. She began working with clients offering private channeling and energy bodywork healing sessions in San Francisco, CA in 1998. She began teaching groups in 2000.

Since then, she has taught others to channel their guides, to heal, to access past life aspects, to build consciousness and create their life’s work. Many have gone on to create their own practices serving clients as channels, mediums and way showers.

She has helped women all over the world create their families and find their unique path to motherhood, sometimes overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. Now you may meet some of these women and their little ones in classes. We welcome the little ones.

From 2000-2014 she taught Awakening Your Light Body. She has led groups focusing on their own purpose as well as collective world service from 2001-2019. She has taught 8 day immersive energy bodywork trainings and year long programs helping people heal, embody and move forward with their unique Divine Mission.

In 2009 a group of baby beings got her attention and asked for her help so that they could incarnate as their fullest selves, not having to close off any circuitry or compromise their mental, emotional or physical bodies in order to be born safely. She currently works with women and couples who are welcoming these children consciously, who are learning to embody their own Divine Self consciousness so that they are a match for these kids. Alaya birthed this work as in 2009.

She now offers group programs for students around the world, helping each individual with their unique and beautiful journey of becoming. She is the author and creator of Divine Mission, PRIESTESS, Interdimensional Activism, The Human Program, Your Personal Project, Happy Human Creator Series, Healing Hands Program, and A Clear Path to Motherhood, Foundations for Motherhood, Energetic Alignment for Motherhood, and the evolution of A Clear Path to Motherhood now offered in 2022, called Your Divine Path of Motherhood.

You set the tone for the future generation.

Embody your soul and higher consciousness, develop your gifts, feel rooted in your deepest knowing as you navigate your perfect, unique and Divine journey to co-creating your family.