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Sara and Willow

I knew I needed to work with Alaya even before I was pregnant. I had a sense that my kid had A LOT of energy and perhaps that meant I needed help expanding to be her mom.

I got to meet her as a baby spirit with the help of Alaya and the guides and it was incredible to get a sense of who she was before I met her in person and be introduced before I was even pregnant!

I think about her strong personality before she was born and how she’s so much the same now. It’s such a gift to know her like no one else, besides Alaya  does. I can parent her in a complete way that may really help her someday.

But to back track a bit, I was very physically sick during most of my pregnancy and while there was a piece of that which was purely biological, I also knew that my body was reacting to the new energetic component of connecting with our baby’s big energy.

I worked with Alaya every 5-6 weeks for months to help my systems integrate and expand to hold my pregnancy. I could not have navigated pregnancy without her.

I’m so grateful for the help her and her guides provided for me and my family.

What will we explore together?

Topics derived from the needs of the women in our Divine Path of Motherhood Program who have kids and would like to expand their family. Things like:

Expanding , stabilizing the expansion--creating a new homeostasis - to manage it all

Being your soul and higher, and new ways of orienting and experiencing time.

How do you deepen your commitment to motherhood and keep your own sanity, health, purpose and identity?

Opening your body to receive again, healing, strengthening

Energetics of adding another soul or souls to your family

Attracting all the resources you need --money, nannies, partners, schools, midwives, OB's, Pediatricians

Attracting the right caregivers for your divine path of motherhood

Shoring up your faith and strength and taking care of yourself as you create your family, in your timing, your way.

Pay in full or in 3 installments

You know that paying in full energetically puts you "all-in."

Did you know that Alaya and the guides begin working with you when you sign up? There is an energy container that you join when you sign up.

An easy payment plan is available for you if that is best for your budget.

Danay and Ananda

Once I met Alaya and learned what she did I was immediately intrigued and knew I wanted to work with her.

My husband and I had been trying for children for awhile. I had had several miscarriages and was open to learning how to connect with the beautiful soul of a child that I knew was waiting for us to get ready for her!

Working with Alaya helped me to stay steady with my own inner knowing about becoming a mom.

Alaya's connection with me and the guides laid the groundwork for meeting our daughter before she was even here.

It was all so magical and so real. Working with Alaya helped me to expand my heart, my energy, and my life for my daughter. I am so grateful for the space she provided to allow that to happen.

It's not too late to join our signature program, Your Divine Path of Motherhood

Imagine a cozy safe place of acceptance, where people are old souls like you, where they are non-judgmental, where they will see you and support you as you figure out your version of motherhood.

You may be reimagining Motherhood. What if you are re-birthing not only yourself, but your foundational image of "motherhood", redefining what it means for you and all humans?
You get A LOT in this course, including all the special bonus classes that you can refer to as you go through the phases on your journey of Motherhood over time, like the "I Am Preconception" course, which would be next for you on your developmental journey of Motherhood, if you are ready to expand your family.

You also receive weekly support, live zooms throughout the week with Alaya and advanced students, new channeled material from Alaya, and a private community.

Edie and Oliver

I never thought I would find myself having a baby on my own!

It definitely was not the idea I had for my life; but what a sweet happy surprise to find my life now on the other side of it!!

It was an up hill battle, the hardest thing I have ever done. With being single, and all the fertility doctors telling me I had little to no chance of ever having a baby, the increasing financial burden of each IVF and miscarriages, I was often on the floor feeling alone and hopeless.

Without Alaya I am not sure I would have the greatest blessing of my life, my Oliver. She calmed me down and reassured me that he was indeed on his way.

And, his very big unique personality is so much how she described. I am forever grateful and blessed to have found her. She is a blessing to every mom to be out there.

What have other's experienced?

“Dear Alaya Thank you very much for this course. I love it so much. It is such an incredible blessing to listen to the meditations and to be a part of the whole course setting. I am completely happy. Cordially and blessings TJ”

TJ, Germany

“I just wanted to say how helpful this class was for me, and what an amazing resource you are to have! I feel like you have supported me to gain confidence in this process, as well as work through some blocks and deeper healing. I know the work is never done, and this is only the beginning for me and my child, and I am glad to be creating a deeper consciousness.”

E, US Rhode Island

“I feel a real connection with the other women in this group that is quite special.This is really by far the most interesting worthwhile course I've ever done. I was certainly blown away by what you said about the ghost babies. I'm in love with this baby soul..I seem to be getting away from fear, past and going more into Love and feeling how cool it is to have this relationship with baby. My mother would have started loving me from the moment I was born.. I can't imagine the difference this will make for a baby being loved even before conception and throughout the gestation period (they say the most important period in a persons life). Looking forward to tonight, Bless you. ”

J, France

“Thank you soooooooooooooo much for today's 1:1. It was fantastic. Gave me new perspectives on purpose and really really strong grounding on baby ..... the journey was so much fun.... I had all this joy bubbling up inside and was laughing my head off. 😁. And it was so reassuring to know HE is very real and energetically embedded and on the way. I didn't like the name I got though... but c'est la vie....minor minor details in the schematic of incoming life and joy and expansion. Thanks again!! Bless you for your gifts... and being a crystal clear channel to receive it. ”

J, Jamaica

Your Human Guide for This Class

Alaya Barnes

Master Healer and Teacher, School Creator and Director

Alaya is an energy engineer, leader, healer and teacher. She began working with clients offering private channeling and energy bodywork healing sessions in San Francisco, CA in 1998. She began teaching groups in 2000.

Since then, she has taught others to channel their guides, to heal, to access past life aspects, to build consciousness and create their life’s work. Many have gone on to create their own practices serving clients as channels, mediums and way showers.

She has helped women all over the world create their families and find their unique path to motherhood, sometimes overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. Now you may meet some of these women and their little ones in classes. We welcome the little ones.

From 2000-2014 she taught Awakening Your Light Body. She has led groups focusing on their own purpose as well as collective world service from 2001-2019. She has taught 8 day immersive energy bodywork trainings and year long programs helping people heal, embody and move forward with their unique Divine Mission.

In 2009 a group of baby beings got her attention and asked for her help so that they could incarnate as their fullest selves, not having to close off any circuitry or compromise their mental, emotional or physical bodies in order to be born safely. She currently works with women and couples who are welcoming these children consciously, who are learning to embody their own Divine Self consciousness so that they are a match for these kids. Alaya birthed this work as in 2009.

She now offers group programs for students around the world, helping each individual with their unique and beautiful journey of becoming. She is the author and creator of Divine Mission, PRIESTESS, Interdimensional Activism, The Human Program, Your Personal Project, Happy Human Creator Series, Healing Hands Program, and A Clear Path to Motherhood, Foundations for Motherhood, Energetic Alignment for Motherhood, and the evolution of A Clear Path to Motherhood now offered in 2022, called Your Divine Path of Motherhood.

Is this right for me?

Connect with your own intuition, knowing, and guidance...

Is this right for you?

The best way to know if this is for you is to find a quiet place or moment to sit, close your eyes, and ask your higher self. 

For example,


“I ask to be connected to my higher self.




I ask to be connected to my soul.




I ask to be connected as my divine self.




Is this right for me?”


(wait. listen. feel. sense).


Notice how your body feels.

Maybe you’ll hear a still quiet voice say yes or no. 

Maybe you’ll have an emotional feeling that feels uplifting and opening, or sense something more closed. 

Maybe you’ll see something with your third eye, or notice the light in the room shifting in some way. 

Be patient. Give it a little time to settle. If you still aren’t sure, ask for more clarity.


“Please help me to be clear if this is right for me. 

Please show me in three different ways that are kind to myself and others whether or not this is in alignment for me at this time. 

Thank you.”