Course curriculum

    1. Welcome from Alaya

    2. Course Agreements - Creating Our Sacred Container

    1. nrg dates--feel free to download and print

    2. Zoom Credentials Released Monday before each session

    3. February 21st 11am EST

    4. Mar 20, 2024 08:00 PM Eastern Time

    5. Apr 17, 2024 11:00 AM Eastern Time

    6. May 15, 2024 08:00 PM Eastern Time

    7. Jun 19, 2024 11:00 AM Eastern Time

    8. Jul 17, 2024 08:00 PM Eastern Time

    9. Aug 21, 2024 11:00 AM Eastern Time

    10. Sep 18, 2024 08:00 PM Eastern Time

    11. Oct 16, 2024 11:00 AM Eastern Time

    12. Nov 20, 2024 08:00 PM Eastern Time

    13. Dec 18, 2024 11:00 AM Eastern Time

    1. About the meditations, AKA "Journeys"

    2. 03 Angelic Realm, Becoming Peace

    3. Melt Away Your Sadness from Singles

    4. Becoming Joy from Singles

    5. Boundaries, Discernment, Being Source

    6. 01 Gather Wisdom and Release from No Part Left Behind

    7. 02 No Part Left Behind from No Part Left Behind

About this course

  • $90.00 / month
  • 23 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

nrg sessions are an opportunity to...

  • ...bathe in the light of your soul, guides, council, Nature, the Earth, the Sun, many masters and guides, and your own Greater Consciousness.

  • ...consciously join and engage in your unique evolutionary process at the highest levels of your being.

  • ...move strongly into the next frontier of group work, which is what’s next for humanity.

  • ...contribute as part of your World Service, to the evolution of Human-Nature relations.

  • What's Possible?

    Healing and real change,

    developing vision, skyrocketing psychic and extrasensory gifts and abilities,

    developing and strengthening your connection with your guides,

    embodying more of your soul and greater consciousness in real, tangible ways,

    upgrading forms and relationships in your life, creating new forms,

    understanding your life purpose and world service,

    contributing to the evolution of human-nature relations,

    contributing to peace for all,

    realizing your potential,

    blossoming and becoming.

    In a session, you may fully complete a pattern or ripen a pattern you have been working on for many years or lifetimes.

    You may embody or receive clarity about what is next for you.

  • What's it like?

    In 2024, nrg sessions happen in the comfort of your home either live on Zoom or in your own timing, remotely.

    If totally remote, ideally you'll be lying down in a bed or other super comfy cocoon.

    Every session will be different, and every person will experience this in a unique way.

    You’ll join us on Zoom at the time of the event, or at a time that works for you within 12-24 hours.

    You’ll intend to receive the session in ways that are safe and comfortable for your system.

    You may make other intentions at that time for what you’d like to experience and receive.

    You may feel a faucet of energy turning on and off at the beginning and end of the session,

    you may feel pasted to your bed,

    you may have images, sensations, a distorted sense of time (the session lasts 10 minutes or goes on for many hours),

    you might fall asleep.

    You may have aha’s at the time, or the benefits may roll out into the future, over time, precipitating into your life and body when you are ready.

  • What’s required?

    Self-assessment and honesty about readiness to go to your next level and being self-responsible for your growth processes and changes.

    A commitment to yourself and fulfilling your potential.

    The ability to surrender and trust, to not need all the answers right now, but to trust an organic process.

    No alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs or chemicals that may interfere with your healthy, innate, organic and natural energy and consciousness unfoldment.

    If you have any mental or emotional illness that might make acceleration unwise, you will not participate. If this applies to you and you feel strongly drawn to work with Alaya, consider applying for the private practice. If you feel strongly drawn to nrg, you will speak with Alaya about this before signing up. This in part is because nrg can flush emotions up to be healed and it might be too fast or too much for some people. Participation assumes self-responsibility in all ways.

Seed Ideas for Intentions

Anything is possible! What are your Divine Ideas?

  • Partnership with Masters and Guides

    To develop my own continuum of consciousness so that my guides and I can be closer in resonance and enjoy an even more fulfilling partnership.

    To unshakably experience a connection with a guide or Master who is here to help me with my World Service

    To clear and awaken my senses, my knowing, my intuition, my vision, hearing and feeling senses so that I receive clear information from myself at the highest levels as well as from my guides.

  • Divine Family, Fertility, Gestation, Parenting

    Energy Stability for my baby and me during my pregnancy (a few of you I know are approaching birth day right now--yay)!

    To support my body's reserves, vitality, immunity while I am pregnant

    Energetic stability, alignment and connection with my baby who is still in the realms of light

    Unshakable clarity about My Divine Path of Motherhood, rhythm, process and timing, clear next steps

    Developing my own continuum of consciousness so that I can see and welcome my child as they are, at more and more levels

    To see clearly my child's purpose and know how to best support them

    To be a sanctuary for my child, to trust and know they have their own guidance as they navigate their life, to be clear about when and how much to step in or give them space as they individuate

More Seed Ideas for Intentions

Anything is possible! What are your Divine Ideas?

  • Soul Love, Partnership, Community

    To open to receive and embody the love of my soul, to give and receive connection from this love

    To receive a clear vision of the community I am to co-create

    To receive the resources I need for the community I am to co-create

    To embody Divine Union and make a plan on the inner planes to meet my beloved

    To develop, harmonize and beautify the love and connection between myself and my partner (whether or not you have met or have been married or together for decades)

    To receive clarity about where in the world to live (maybe--where to base your community, where you are called to serve with others who will become your partner or community)

    To be the best I can be

    To love and accept myself as I am

    To love and accept others as they are

  • World Service and Life Purpose

    To be in the steady stream of the energy of my Divine Purpose for the entire Human Clinic transmission

    To receive clear next steps on living my life purpose

    To be open to receive the resources I need for my next steps of my World Service and Divine Purpose

    To embody more of my soul's light and love

    To beautify and clarify my offerings for those who are open to receive what I have to give

    To release the glamours, illusions and fogs that veil or block my ability to know (or fulfill) my Purpose

    To forgive myself and others for misunderstandings or misalignments due to my own and their acting and perceiving from within glamours, emotional fogs and mental illusions

    To align my World Service with the Planetary Logos, Solar Logos and Central Spiritual Sun

    To enjoy my life wholly and fully as I live in the joy of my Purpose

Questions about intentions

  • Can I have more than one intention?

    For an nrg session, my recommendation would be to pick ONE solid intention. I would not recommend more than three.

  • Do I have to use one of the seed intentions above?

    No, not at all. Those are simply to inspire your own creativity. Choose one of those above, make some tweaks or craft your own.

  • Would it be OK to choose a really big intention, like to up my salary by two zeros!?

    Choose something that you are committed to and ready to integrate. If you would like a very big tangible shift, know that it is possible and may require big shifts in your life at multiple levels. Usually in the earth plane, big shifts take some time as we are upgrading our beliefs, acclimating to changes that impact our homeostasis.

    Be honest with yourself about what is kind to yourself and realistic to integrate.

    Miracles don't require time. If you are ready at all levels of your being, no ask is too big for your Divine Self .

  • Do I have to share my intentions with anyone?

    No you do not. If you choose to join the live Zoom meeting, there will be an opportunity in the beginning to share your intention with other participants if you choose. It is optional.

Children 5 and under are welcome to attend nrg sessions.

Please inquire after you have registered yourself.

You can still participate remotely, but one parent needs to be signed up for the session that you would like for your child or children to participate in. Children are welcome, and often benefit greatly from these sessions. Children 7 and up need to be asked if they would like to join. Children 6 -16 are $45 each per session, and also require a parent in session. Please inquire.

What others have shared after remote nrg sessions

““Thank you for the session. My intention was to heal my body and mind. I fell asleep about 10min in and woke at the end of the session. I just lay for another 1/2 hour. I got such a burst of energy it felt like it lifted me off the bed. Wow! I've never had that intensity before. Thank you.””

D. Canada

“I lay down and started a timer. I followed the connection guidelines, set intentions & places for excess energy (whales & rattle snakes). I had some flashback type moments of when I was a child. I heard lots of tidbits and pieces of guidance that I wrote down later. I felt warm & tingly at some points. I also felt very heavy into my couch. I got some clarity on stuck points in my body— where it originated. I felt I was able to move here & there as needed (scratch my nose, etc). I felt my babies big time. At the end I remember this feeling of swinging her in my arms on like a hammock. I’m so glad you were aware of them too! Coming back I heard to nourish myself, take it easy, I had done a lot of work. I took a bath, ate, and slept like a rock! Today I woke up in a great mood, still feeling the nrg from last night.”

M. California

“Much too much to write succinctly in an email but in short, the FUN part... My intention was on my body physically healing from aches and pain that tend to arise from not enough movement which which got me to thinking about using sex with my wife as movement to help heal my body then literally out of nowhere she came and pounced on me at 9:30AM on a Monday morning. She works full time and is usually on calls at that time. In other words we NEVER do that at that time on that day. Never say never :) There was much more than just that originally, but that was most easy to see/experience it right away (before the session was even done). Feel free to use THAT as a testimonial ;) Ha! :)”

Y. California

“So, I'm recounting this from my fragmented memory....I didn't even take notes last night. Before I give my brief observations, I wanted to share that the overall tone and feel of the flow was exactly what I've been experiencing in my daily meditation practice this past week. Very few, if any, visuals. Muted, subterranean. I sensed swirling tunnels of energy but saw very little light. I had a super hard time focusing and being in the moment. I kept thinking of all this stupid sh*t and spent a lot of time corraling my totally uncooperative brain. I had asked for help in self-healing, which I've never really done before. I also asked for help in self-acceptance. I had added forgiveness but got a huge message that there was nothing to forgive myself for. So, acceptance it was. When I asked for healing I spontaneously included my neighborhood and felt this pulse of energy fan out, hovering over the hood and then expanding into the nethers. I had asked my inner little girl to participate (another first) and the only time I got a visual a large cluster of crystals, vibrant orange and yellow appeared and one crystal shot up into the heavens. My little girl shrieked with joy and jumped on the growing crystal, climbing until I couldn't see her anymore.. A half-hour in, I got antsy and got up. I sat back down a few minutes later and brought a fire opal stone to rest on my third eye. I moved it to other points and then fell asleep.”

J. Massachusetts

“I lay down and set my intentions and totally blissed out! I don't think I've slept that deeply for a long time. I had a massive presentation later that morning to a client and it went off brilliantly - was a difficult one where I was sharing a lot of 'bad' news, and we had expected them to not take it very well. But it was the opposite - they loved it! Nice to have some happy clients after a while during this period. My baby slept through the night for the first time in weeks last night and I'm feeling much lighter and 'hopeful' about the future - seeing openings where earlier I just saw closed doors. (And a day later…) …You can also add that today my baby crawled for the first time ... he's been whining for weeks now and I think, like me, he's been feeling trapped ... unable to move!! Today he was off and racing!!”

E. Mumbai

$90 is the full price. Choosing a discount means you are committing to all nrg sessions in 2024.

Any option less than $90 per session requires a commitment for all of 2024.

Please be certain. If you would like to try a session first, or sign up as you wish throughout the year, sign up for single sessions. Links above and below. Regular price is $90 per session. If you choose a discounted year and opt-out mid year, you energetically are still responsible for the full year's payments. At minimum, you'll be charged the full price balance for the sessions you joined.

One day per month with a live Zoom option

The 3rd Wednesday of the month
Alternating 8pm EST and 11am EST for one hour.

NOTE: Historically, these nrg sessions have been completely remote, not on Zoom at all. 

Any testimonials refer to completely remote sessions. 

The live zoom option is new, and is a bonus. If you can't make the live meeting, that's OK. You can still set your intention and join fully in your own timing, anytime that day. Alaya and the light beings and healing guides she works with will know you are signed up.

You might prefer to share and connect with others, which is one reason we are experimenting with this live version in 2024. Alaya loves to see you and get to know you, and this might be a fun way to connect with one another and build community. We'll see! 


  • Will the sessions be recorded?

    No, the sessions will not be recorded. Since you can take the session remotely with full effect and impact, you will either join us live or follow the instructions about how to participate remotely.

  • What if I sign up for a year with a monthly subscription and then change my mind?

    It would be better to sign up and pay as you go until you are sure you are happy to commit for the year.

    If this does happen, simply let Alaya know. She will adjust your price accordingly. You'll pay the difference in price for the sessions you attended.

  • What if I sign up for a year by paying in full and then change my mind?

    There are no refunds for pay in full, so please be sure you want the full year before paying in full. There is an energy richness that happens when you commit and pay in full. That is not something that can be calculated or pro-rated. It simply IS at the highest levels.

  • Why are the sessions at alternating times from month to month?

    We are blessed with an international community. These times are what Alaya was guided to offer so that most people would have the opportunity to join live sessions at least half of the year, if not every session.