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What is Beauty?

What would it be like to develop your potential with Beauty? In your cells and body, in your energy field, in and through everything you create?

Beauty Meditation #1

A native american prayer. See if you can follow not only the words, but the meaning and transmission within.

Beauty Meditation #2

Beauty and Cellular Facial Rejuvenation

Your Human Guide for This Class

Alaya Barnes

Master Healer and Teacher, School Creator and Director

Alaya is an energy engineer, leader, healer and teacher. She began working with clients offering private channeling and energy bodywork healing sessions in San Francisco, CA in 1998. She began teaching groups in 2000.

Since then, she has taught others to channel their guides, to heal, to access past life aspects, to build consciousness and create their life’s work. Many have gone on to create their own practices serving clients as channels, mediums and way showers.

She has helped women all over the world create their families and find their unique path to motherhood, sometimes overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. Now you may meet some of these women and their little ones in classes. We welcome the little ones.

From 2000-2014 she taught Awakening Your Light Body. She has led groups focusing on their own purpose as well as collective world service from 2001-2019. She has taught 8 day immersive energy bodywork trainings and year long programs helping people heal, embody and move forward with their unique Divine Mission.

In 2009 a group of baby beings got her attention and asked for her help so that they could incarnate as their fullest selves, not having to close off any circuitry or compromise their mental, emotional or physical bodies in order to be born safely. She currently works with women and couples who are welcoming these children consciously, who are learning to embody their own Divine Self consciousness so that they are a match for these kids. Alaya birthed this work as in 2009.

She now offers group programs for students around the world, helping each individual with their unique and beautiful journey of becoming. She is the author and creator of Divine Mission, PRIESTESS, Interdimensional Activism, The Human Program, Your Personal Project, Happy Human Creator Series, Healing Hands Program, and A Clear Path to Motherhood, Foundations for Motherhood, Energetic Alignment for Motherhood, and the evolution of A Clear Path to Motherhood now offered in 2022, called Your Divine Path of Motherhood.